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18,11,Switching power supply|19,11,Linear Power Supply|20,11,Power Transformers|21,11,Accessories|22,11,OEM & EMS.|25,19,Adaptor (up to 24W)|41,19,For Electronic Toys and Games (up to 12W)|42,20,House Control|43,20,Lead Wire Type (EI 28 - EI 96)|44,20,Pin PCBA Type (EI 41-66mm)|45,21,Plugs and Jacks|50,18,waterproof IP55 R Series (up to 48w)|49,18,Glossy Finish A-Series(up to 10w)|48,18,P-series (up to 16w)|47,18,Battery USB Charging Cable|23,18,K-series (up to 5w)|24,18,X-series (up to 6w)|26,18,G-series (up to 7.5W) |27,18,C-series (up to 8w)|28,18,H-series (up to 8w)|29,18,F-series (up to 15W)|30,18,E-series (up to 24w)|31,18,W-series (up to 42W)|32,18,N-series(up to 50W)|33,18,CAR CHARGER|34,18,Desktop M series (up to 69W)|35,18,Desktop N series (up to 69W)|36,18,L-series (up to 108W)|37,18,For Electronic Toys and Games (up to 40W)|38,18,Halogen (up to 60W)|39,18,LED (up to 60W)|40,18,Battery Charger (for 4xAAA or 4xAA or 2xAAA or 2xAA Cells)|
  • Output Voltage: VAC VDC
  • Output Current: (AC)mA (DC)mA
  • Output Power: W